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How to book a workshop or webinar

  1. Choose among the topics listed below.
  2. Fill out our contact form.
  3. If you are requesting a workshop, please book the venue – typically a room in your district office or school – we’ll provide everything else.
  4. We’ll schedule your workshop or webinar and confirm the details once it is booked.

Mid Career—Managing your Money for Financial Comfort:

Getting a better handle on cash flow. Reducing debt. Saving for the future. This workshop is all about focusing on the key goals your members should be working towards by the time they reach the midpoint in their career. Because time is ticking—the time to act when it comes to securing their financial future is now.

Financial Planning 101:

Had a wave of new education members join your district? Help them get a jumpstart on money management! From financial implications of their pension, to how to save for a down payment on a home, these are the basics that every early career educator needs to know.

The Keys to Financial Wellness:

Balancing high debt levels and low savings can be quite the juggling act. Especially after union dues and pension contributions. So if your members could use a little peace of mind when it comes to their finances, this is definitely the workshop for them.

Mortgages 101:

If you think rates are the single most important part of a mortgage… think again. In this workshop, we’ll help your members to de-mystify ‘mortgage-speak’ so they will be better prepared to ask the right questions, and be armed with the right strategies to become mortgage-free, faster.

The DOs and DON’Ts to Debt and Credit:

When it comes to this subject, ignorance definitely isn’t bliss. So from the good and the bad, to the downright scary — we delve deep into everything education members need to know in order to get these “DOs” and “DON’Ts”, down pat.

Estate Planning for Retired Educators:

Having a solid plan in place during illness, or after they’re gone, is the best gift your members can leave behind for their family. In this workshop, they’ll learn about which documents they’ll need to protect their assets, and ensure health care and final wishes are carried out.

Walk into Retirement with a Plan:

Do your members think they will have enough savings to live the kind of retirement lifestyle they want? Here we’ll shed some light on what their finances could look like in retirement, in order to uncover potential income gaps, and then propose solutions to fill them in.

Independent Women:

Women comprise the majority of the education community, so we created a workshop that’s all about providing financial fundamentals for the female educator.

Investing—Empowering You to Make the Right Choices:

From purchasing or renovating a home to starting and raising a family—financial goals start becoming larger as your members get further into their education career. This workshop will show how the power of investing can put your members on the financial path to achieving these goals, whatever they might be.

What people have to say

“It’s never too early to start planning your finances, because the decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life. Educators Financial Group can help you plan, and the neat thing is they really understand an educator’s finances, including our pension, benefits and gratuities. Besides, they work only with the education community, so why go anywhere else?”
Ruth Kirkham, former Pension Officer

“I found the workshop I attended to be informative, easy to follow, and walked out feeling like I had learned something. My only regret is not being aware of Educators Financial Group sooner.” 
Joanne Carr, Attendee

“Our members definitely benefited from Educators Financial Group’s workshop. They only had good things to say about it and they’ve asked for it again, year after year.” 
Martha Hradowy, District Vice-President

“Educators provided a great interactive presentation for my students on how to build and maintain good credit. Their presentation was engaging and well received by all my students. I would strongly recommend them to any class that is looking to teach this topic.” 
Lawrence Bell at Norman Johnston Alternate School in Ottawa

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