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Educators 101: an education from inside head office

Educators Financial Group is all about education.

So back in September, we were delighted to invite a Grade 12 student at a high school in the Greater Toronto Area to spend a 4-month co-operative education term at our head office.

So what was it like being a co-op student at a busy financial organization like Educators? Well, we recently caught up with ‘Amy’* to look back and reflect on her time with us.

Educators: Tell us about yourself.

‘Amy’: Well, I’m 18. I love to read, volunteer, try new food, spend time with friends/family, watch movies, and stay up-to-date on world issues, art – and anything else that captures my attention.

Educators: Sounds like you like to stay busy.

‘Amy’: Definitely.

Educators: Would you say we kept you pretty busy during your 4 months with Educators?

‘Amy’: Ha, for sure! And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Educators: What skills did you learn by working as part of our team?

‘Amy’: I would say I’ve definitely improved my interpersonal skills from dealing one-on-one with clients in reception. Plus I’ve really developed my multi-tasking skills by assisting the marketing department with various projects. I never realized how much goes on in an organization like Educators, so it’s really provided me with the opportunity to grow and learn, and become more self-confident.

Educators: That’s awesome! Now if you could choose one highlight from your time with us, what would that be?

‘Amy’: Oh, do I have to list just one? Ha! I’ve learned important values such as learning from my mistakes, as well as picked up important technical skills and creative aspects that are required for working in a busy financial institution such as Educators. Most of all, I’ve come away from this experience having met great people who all gave their time and patience to teach and guide me along the way, and for that I’m very thankful.

Educators: Well you were a great addition to our team. I know everyone was very happy to have you onboard. So now that you’re approaching the end of the school year, what’s next for you?

‘Amy’: Well I’ll be graduating in June — then off to York or Ryerson University to major in Business Management. After that, find a job in my field, hopefully, and volunteer for organizations where I can make a difference.

Well you’ve definitely made a difference during your time here at Educators. Thanks for all of your hard work, Amy! We wish you the very best – wherever your path in life takes you.

*Name has been changed in compliance with the high school’s mandate to protect their students’ privacy.

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