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How Will You Be ‘Spending’ This Summer?

Even though summer is still a couple of months away, and all of this 'not so balmy' spring weather we've been having (which can be described as the other definition of 'balmy'), it’s a good time to think ahead by putting your warm weather plans into place.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about springing for that dream vacation in Italy, or tackling a long overdue home renovation (finally!). Perhaps it’s time to purchase a new boat for the cottage because that old one is just not going to make it through another season.

Whatever you’re thinking of doing this summer, a secured line of credit through Educators Financial Group can provide you with a bit of a financial cushion to make it happen.

Did you know that a secured line of credit through us leverages up to 80% of the equity in your home (less the amount you’re currently owing on your mortgage). That’s 15% more than you’d get from the bank! Plus, you’ll have access to a high credit limit at a competitively low interest rate.

When you need access to extra cash to top up your summer goal fund, a line of credit offered through Educators Financial Group is the low-interest way to ‘spend’ your summer the way you want!

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