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Important news for mutual fund investors

Your trade settlement cycle is getting shorter. Here’s how it will affect you.

Educators is changing its settlement cycle to T+2. Right now, when you buy or sell mutual funds through Educators Financial Group, settlements occur 3 business days after the trade date. (This is called “T+3”.) Starting September 5, 2017, the trading time will change to “T+2” – 2 days after the trade date.

A shorter trading time means you’ll get your money faster.

“T+2” will put your money into your hands one day sooner, making it available for whatever you need it for one day earlier. For you, this could mean increased opportunities to act quickly and take advantage of investment opportunities.

Questions? We’re here for you.

At Educators, we’re proud of the service we offer our investment clients, whether through our highly trained financial advisors who are experienced with the needs of the education community, or through our adherence to the standards and guidelines of the investment industry.

If you have any questions about the change in settlement cycle, please do not hesitate to give your financial advisor a call at 1.800.263.9541

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