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World Teachers’ Day 2020: thank you for being on the frontline for our kids

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In schools across Canada and around the world there is something beautiful happening.

Children are learning.

Even amidst all of the anxiety and uncertainty, education members are doing what you’ve always done.

Rise to the challenge.

It makes this year’s World Teachers’ Day theme quite fitting: leading in crisis—reimagining the future.

While the pandemic may have hit a hard reboot on basically every aspect of life, you have remained diligent.

When schools were shut down back in March, you figured out how to keep the education wheels turning online. When there was no clear direction about what school would look like in the fall, you rallied with your colleagues and came up with a plan.

And that plan is constantly evolving, because these are unprecedented times.

After all, there is no guidebook for teaching during a pandemic. You’re just getting up every day and doing it.

Has it been it tough?


Were there times when it felt completely overwhelming?


You’re only human after all.

However, you didn’t give up. Or give in to apprehension.

That’s why this year’s World Teachers’ Day is more significant than ever.

Even with COVID-19 considerably adding to the challenges faced by an already over-extended education system, you’ve remained focused on what truly matters—your students.

On behalf of those children, their parents, caregivers, and family members, we say thank you.

As an organization that has a proud history of working exclusively with the education community, Educators Financial Group celebrates you today and every day. No matter what your role is within education, or whether you’re currently working or retired—we appreciate you. Thanks for being an instrumental part in mentoring and shaping the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers.

How are you celebrating World Teachers’ Day? Tell us on Facebook or send us a tweet! 

And click here to see what education means to a group of dedicated Ontario educators on the frontlines.

About World Teachers’ Day:

Held annually on October 5th since 1994, WTD provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide. In addition to taking stock of their achievements, it’s also an opportunity to draw attention to the voices of teachers. Passionate and compassionate individuals who strive each and every day to ensure that inclusive and equitable education for all become a reality in every corner of the globe—because no child should be left behind.

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