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The Educators Investment Plus Program is a fee-based program designed specifically for educators like yourself who have worked hard to get where you are today, through smart planning and investing. Now you can grow your investments individually or with your family members1 and save on fees when your aggregate balance reaches and exceeds $250,0002. Plus, you’ll receive personalized financial planning advice, access to a wide range of investment funds and portfolios, an annual financial check-up, and much more.

Why join The Educators Investment Plus Program?

Lower Fees: Save on fees2 when you consolidate your investments by transferring the accounts you hold elsewhere to Educators Financial Group or link investment accounts with those of your family members (including your spouse, parents, and children). As your collective investment balance grows, your fee rate goes down.


Personalized Financial Advice: Work closely with a dedicated Educators advisor and receive comprehensive planning and investment advice, giving you confidence to meet your goals. Plus, unlike traditional banks, our advisors work exclusively with members of the education community, which makes us uniquely qualified to understand the complexity of educators’ financial realities.

Rest assured that when investment accounts are linked with family members, all client investment information is kept separate and confidential, and financial planning and goal setting is completed at an individual level.

HISAs to ETFs: Choose from a wide range of investment funds available within The Educators Investment Plus Program, including our signature Educators Monitored Portfolios™, preferred partner funds, and exclusive access to our new HSBC Wealth Compass Funds™ which consist primarily of ETFs.

Speak to a financial specialist to learn more about your investment options under The Educators Investment Plus Program.

Being a member of The Educators Investment Plus Program has other benefits too.

  • Flexibility on how you want to pay for your fee – from your bank account or your investment account (unit redemption).
  • For non-registered account holders, advice fees are tax deductible.

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