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ITWORKS: 7 steps to take if you’ve been laid off (step 3)

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You’re looking for a new job and need expert advice on how to handle a job search and your finances. Congratulations…you’re in the right place. Whether you are planning to stay in the education field, or investigate other areas of work, ITWORKS will help you focus on your next steps and energize you as you take action.

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Step 3. “W”: Write, email, or phone experts who can help.

Don’t go it alone. There are many sources of expert assistance to reach out to. So many, in fact, that the choice can be overwhelming. If possible, choose an organization or school that you already have experience with, or that comes recommended by a peer or friends.

Financial ‘to do’: Explore how Educators Financial Group can help. We’ve been around since 1975 and our staff has specialized financial training and experience in helping members of the education community. Explore The Learning Centre—our online library—for useful information on everything from how to assess your financial health, to how to reduce the interest you pay on your debt (see the “Online” section below). You’ll also find easy-to-use online tools such as our calculators, and quizzes.

Get the government assistance you’re eligible for. Employment Insurance may provide regular benefits for individuals who lose their job through no fault of their own (for example, due to shortage of work, or seasonal or mass layoffs), and who are available to work but can’t find a job. Ontario’s “Second Career” program provides qualified applicants with skill training and financial support up to $28,000 for tuition, books, basic living allowance, transportation, and childcare.

Job search ‘to do’: Now is not the time to be shy. The more people who know you’re looking, the better.

Some job searchers use a recruiter (or head hunter); some swear by networking in their group of personal contacts. (LinkedIn states that 85% off all jobs are filled by networking.)

Recruiters or head hunters may have access to jobs that are not publicly listed, and sometimes offer free resume and interview advice. Choose one who specializes in education (or whichever field you’re interested in that’s recommended by a peer, or a legitimate source found from a Google search of ‘Recruitment Agencies for [Industry] [Location]’. Limit the number of recruitment companies you work with, to prevent the potential confusion of your resume being sent to the same employer by different firms. Before meeting with the recruiter, have:

  • the type and level of job you are seeking, as well as your “target job title” (e.g. Educational Assistant roles)
  • your most recent resume, updated and polished (see Step 1 of ITWORKS)
  • your expected salary range, based on local job market research
  • a great LinkedIn profile
  • a list of companies you’re targeting
  • the date on which you can start work

Investigate online job search websites. Some of the most popular are Careerbuilder, Eluta, Indeed, Simply Hired, and Workopolis. Some, such as Indeed, will send notifications when jobs that fill your criteria are posted. Others, like Workopolis, offer job search advice and resume builders.

LinkedIn deserves special attention. Randstad Interim Inc. revealed that 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find, research or connect with candidates. Consider upgrading your LinkedIn account to ensure you have full access to the tools and features available on the site. Ask your LinkedIn connections to write a recommendation on your profile. Your local library will also have books (more free information!) on how to get the most out of a LinkedIn account.

Tip: Here’s a useful article on how you can make the most of LinkedIn.


Educators Financial Group, Financial Advisors:

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And remember, at Educators Financial Group you have the support of a team of financial experts and an organization that has worked with the education community for over 45 years.

We can answer your financial questions during this challenging time. Give us a call at 1.800.263.9541 or get started online.

Ready for more? Check out Step 4 of ITWORKS: ‘Off and running.

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