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PODCAST – A niche financial advisor: What it is and why you should have one.

Do you trust your money goals with an advisor that simply provides generic advice? Or do you choose the advisor that specializes in the unique financial needs of educators?

As an educator, students come to you to learn or be coached. Now apply that same logic where your finances are concerned.

Learning how to save money early in your career. Discovering how to maximize cash flow in the summer months. Figuring out whether your pension will be enough in retirement. Since Educators Financial Group deals exclusively with education members like you, we can provide advice and resources to answer all of the unique financial concerns that are specific to you.

Chuck Hamilton (Educators Financial Group President and CEO) discusses the benefits of a niche advisor to Moolala’s Bruce Sellery.

As one of the best-kept secrets within the education community, we’re always looking for ways to educate Ontario educators about our unique range of services. So to help get the word out, our President and CEO recently sat down with financial guru, author, and satellite radio host Bruce Sellery to explain what it means to be a niche advisor to education members.

Want to discuss the niche, educator-specific benefits we can offer YOU? Reach out to one of our financial specialists.


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